Bring Back The Snout


“Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”
Milan Kundera

Sign the On-Line  petition to the Kennel Club to bring back the snout

                                      Pugs Need your support

The purpose of this Blog is to  make everyone aware of the chronic Pain Pugs are in EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIFE..I was told that I was wasting my time…and I felt defeated. But when I got home I looked at my little 6 year-old Bo who has multiple health problem and is dying from cancer…I though someone has to advocate for these little person at a time. Sincerely, Maureen Rose

See Pintrest At:

Original Pug Pre- 1900s nice long snout, beautiful tail


Pug Post 1900s – Snout is Gone, Face Squished , Tail curl excessive


Pugalug is full of rescue dogs with health problems

Pre 1900s The Royal Pug

The beautiful, and gentle  Pugs were only owned by the Emperor of China. Pugs were so special each one had its own imperial guard and if you owned one without permission it was punishable by death.

      First Westerners to own a Pug were King George III and his wife Queen Charlotte (1714)










Dogs can be easily altered because they have a 4  slippery DNA genes.



From Wolf  to  sled dog to hunting do to herding dog  to guard dog to pet




Over 10,000 years Man has been able to manipulate dog genes to make thousands    of  breeds for specific purpose from hunting, fishing, herding and pets

  1. Pugs fell out of favour in the 1900s
  2. To make them more appealing for financial gain they were physically altered.

                                      This is when the tragedy began

By altering these dogs, by squishing up their faces they began to have  health problems. Here are a few examples.


        Oh….. the Pain and Suffering of our Best Friend………




Pugs Eyes are too big for their sockets and need to be removed.

Can you imagine the constant pain they are in, sometimes the eyes just pop right out on their own or are surgically removed.


Snouts are too short they need reconstructive surgery just to breath.

Its called Brachycephatic Airway Syndrome: and its man-made and Pugs need reconstructive surgery to; breath, stop ear infections, swallow, relieve pain, prevent Sleep Apnea, and their trachea can collapse.

Its Called Brachycephatic     Airway Syndrome and Its  a man made condition where Pugs can’t breath or smell and it’s painful.


Here, by the way, is  a ‘grab’ from the footage we shot of the inside of a pet-bred pug’s mouth when we filmed in Leipzig. Pugs have the same number of teeth as a dog with a longer muzzle and this is nature’s attempt at accommodating them.

Add 22/12: here’s the Kennel Club’s response to the RSPCA’s new campaign – essentially an insistence that the breed standards are not to blame.

Tongues don’t retract

You know how much it hurts when your lips are dry and chapped, well now imagine how it would feel to have the end or part of your tongue always dry and cracked. That is exactly what dogs with hanging tongue syndrome have to deal with every day.


Pugs have overbites

Leaving them exposed to breathing problems, dental infections, dry mouth and constant discomfort


Chronic Ear Infections: Because of small squished head

Chronic ear infections are a result of the head being flattened and can be chronically painful, uncomfortable and lead to deafness.


Pregnancy and Some Breeding

Female dogs are bred twice a year and are usually destroyed when they are no longer able to produce puppies.

 Is Mix Breeding the Answer????    NO !!!

  1. Because: It often results in both breeds passing on weaker genes and results in more complex health problems
  2. Because: It changes the Pugs sweet nature and creates a different dog


Those who buy Pugs have the power to  help the breed they Love

My little Bo was just 5 years old when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he also has eye issues, breathing problems and chronic ear infections.

101_3404                 DSCN1992

Bo with long time friend & men            Bird Scratching Bo’s Tummy

  • On behalf of this Gentle Breed:
  • We need to Demand that Kennel Clubs Change the Bred Standards and Bring Back the Snout

Determined to make changes, I contacted the Canadian Pug Association and it was suggested that,  if I didn’t like what was happening I should do something.

I also wrote a letter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, because they care for animals and they forwarded my letter to the Kennel Club, of England.

The response from the kennel club is as follow:

“The Kennel Club also has the Pug breed in Category Three of its own Breed Watch resource, which serves as an “early warning system” to identify points of concern for individual breeds. Its primary purpose is to enable anyone involved in the world of dogs, but in particular dog show judges, to find out about any breed specific conformational issues which may lead to health problems, Category Three breeds are those in which “some dogs have visible conditions or exaggerations that can cause pain or discomfort (previously known in High Profile)” .

Direct quote from letter dated November 13th, 2015 From Mrs. C.R. Kisko

                             Why does Category Three Even Exit????

On Behalf of Pugs everywhere, thank you for advocating for them!

Sincerely Maureen Rose Everatt


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